The story of Delom Services starts in 1963 when Mr. Raymond Sarazin founded Delstar Electromecanique inc.

Specialized in the repair and maintenance of electric motors, Delstar Electromecanique grows fast and is rapidly competiting with well established corporations.  Delstar Electromecanique quickly became known for the quality of its work and its know how.  A few years later, in 1975, another company is founded :Ateliers Oméga which offers welding, machining and manufacturing services, adding to the expertise.

Throughout the years, Delstar and Oméga were proactive in improving their expertise, perfect their capabilities and implement a continious improvement program that to this day include:

–          Ongoing development of the technical competencies

–          Continious research of new repair technogies

–          Implementation of renown Kaizen principles

–          A management structure that is fully integrated to the operations

–          A precise quality control and customer satisfaction inquiry program

In 1997, Delstar acquired Services Électromécaniques Roberge.  Roberge, loated in Quebec City, was in business since 1928, and allowed for a better offer in the eastern territories of the province of Quebec. In 2003, Services Électromécaniques Roberge acquires a strategic workshop in Baie-Comeau to serve the North Shore locally.

In 2006, Solutions Technospray is created. This new metal spray coating service is again complementing services offered by the other business units with a cutting edge technology that was late to bloom in Quebec!

Between 2007 and 2009, the various business units underwent a consolidation phase to become a single corporation: Delom Services.

Over 50 years and three generations later, we are now able to say that Delom Services hold a leading position in the North American market.  For over 50 years now, we repair once and for all!

We are proud of our history and of the men and women writing its continuation daily.  More than ever, Delom Services is running on expertise!