IFM Efector Octavis vibration monitoring system

The IFM Efector Octavis monitoring system takes real-time vibration and temperature readings of critical equipment items that are hard to access or located in hazardous areas.

The integrated alarms and emergency shutdowns minimize major and collateral breakdowns, consequently reducing unplanned production stoppages. Moreover, planned shutdowns are more effective because your teams know exactly where to focus their efforts.


  • Ethernet (Cat5E)
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4 sensor inputs per module
  • 2 4-20mA analog inputs and 2 4-20mA analog outputs
  • 30,000 event memory capacity
  • Sound/visual/e-mail/cellular alarms



  • Sales
  • Configuration and initial programming
  • Remote monitoring with reports (online system)
  • After-sales service
  • Software and vibration analysis training


A portable version of the IFM Efector Octavis system is also available!