Predictive Electrical Analysis

Predictive Electrical Analysis

Predictive electrical analysis is used to determine the current condition of motor insulation systems. We use the most advanced technology to monitor the performance and gradual degradation of pre-wound coil equipment during regular follow-ups.


  • Critical motors

  • Direct current (DC) motors

  • Synchronous and high power motors


  • Reabsorption testing

  • Infrared temperature inspection

  • High-voltage dielectric discharge testing

  • Surge comparison

  • Hipot test

  • Predictive coil maintenance

  • Analysis of specific commutation and brush problems

  • Analysis of the effects of speed variation on commutation

  • Analysis of the effects of excessive RPM on direct current motors

  • Recommendations for extending brush life

  • Analysis of the effects of speed drives on motor life

  • Benchmarking of similar motors to determine the preventive maintenance strategy