Traction / Rail

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Thanks to the expertise of our team of professionals, we can offer a wide range of services in traction component repair.  We have developped a quality control program registered under the ISO-9001:2008 norm that meets and surpasses the most demanding standards of the industry.

Delom Services is continously optimizing its repair approach, integrating improvements to the techniques and procedures in our workshops (root cause of failure analysis, machining, retro-engineering, winding).  We put the reliability of the equipments we repair at the top of our priority list, triving to repair once and for all!

Delom Services also offers a wide range of predictive and preventive maintenance plans to improve the reliability of the equipment and prevent costly breakage.



Delom Services is specialized in the repair of units from all major manufacturers such as Bombardier, Lechmotoren, GM, GE, EMD, Hitachi, Kato, etc.  Our expertise covers:

  • AC traction motors
  • DC traction motors
  • Main generators
  • Auxiliary generators
  • Diesel cooling system blowers
  • Discharge resistor blowers


  • Overhaul of electromechanical equipment
  • Repair and machining of associated components (motor, generator, gearboxes)
  • Retro-engineering of motors and generators
  • Complete rewinding of stator and rotor (class H or N, formed or mush coils)


  • Systematic root cause of failure analysis
  • Detailed final report with pictures
  • Final dynamic / load test with vibration spectrum signature (up to 800 HP)
  • Epoxy or silicone impregnation
  • Vaccuum pressure impregnation (VPI)



  • Alignment
  • Balancing
  • Vibration analysis
  • On-line condition monitoring