Generator and electrical apparatus

Generators and Electrical Apparatus

Delom Services can carry out wind farm maintenance work either in the nacelle or in shop. For both electrical and mechanical components [lien], we have the expertise required to meet your needs.


  • All types of generators:
    • Asynchronous (single or double feed)
    • Synchronous
    • Wound rotor
  • Dry-type or oil-filled power transformers
  • All types of nacelle servo motors


  • Unit refurbishing
  • Cause of failure analysis and solutions for increasing reliability
  • Fully equipped machine shop
  • Verification of internal cooling circuit (hydrostatic)
  • Customized rewinding for different units (16-foot diameter VPI)
  • Slip ring performance evaluation and correction
  • Complete final report before delivery
    • Rotation test
    • Temperature stabilization
    • Vibration spectrum analysis
  • Monitoring sensor installation
  • Nacelle servicing 
    • Vibrations, endoscopic analysis, oil analysis, etc.